Empowering Women To Re-Connect

With Your Physical Body, Your Emotions, Your Soul And Your Cycles
To Radiate Your Inner Desires  

We empower you to connect back to yourself and your inner rhythms and cycles to choose a meaningful and fulfilling life of ambition and purpose. Through Radiating Inner Wisdom, mentoring relationships and menstrual cycle awareness we empower you to choose the life you want. 

Radiating Inner Wisdom

Our year long programme invites each woman to tune into her body.

Finding calm and rhythm in your day invites wonder and tenderness towards your body.

Allowing a full circle of accessing and voicing your deeper desires. 

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Empowerment comes from an awareness, acceptance and wonder of ourselves.

Supported by the wisdom of Ayurveda Susan shares the powers and vulnerabilities of our cycle and how to sync with our rhythms.

Susan Sheehan

Hello hello, 


I'm Susan the Founder and guardian of Back Yourself Mentoring.


I am where I am today because of the women and mentors that supported me. I want every woman to believe and back yourself to achieve whatever you want in your life and career.


This is my purpose, and with the other women in this community, we will empower and inspire you to fulfil your potential and purpose. As a former executive for nearly 20 years, and now as an entrepreneur, staying connected to myself and my inner wisdom can be challenging. In a world that recognises busyness over space and reflection, we offer you both here. 

When we are aligned to what we really desire and what is important to us we can lead a fuller and more meaningful life. With ease. 

Drop me an email and say hello@backyourselfmentoring.com

A very warm welcome!

Susan x

Susan Sheehan

© 2020 Back Yourself Mentoring

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