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You’ve heard it, right? That little voice saying something’s not right. Your life might look like it’s checking every single box but I see you. I bet you know it. I’ve heard it too.


My name is Susan. I am a coach and mentor who helps women to connect back to themselves and live life on their own terms.


Women who are done with feeling overloaded and exhausted. Women who want to live with ease, energy and pleasure, and want to be around others creating lasting change in their lives, their communities and their work. 


If this sounds like it might be you, I’m so glad you’re here.


What do I do exactly?

I guide women back to their body and their menstrual cycle, supporting them to slow down and connect with their needs, desires and ambitions.


When we allow ourselves the space to heal and free ourselves from how we’ve been told we should be and feel as women (thank you very much), we not only raise our energy and capacity for joy, but we open ourselves to fulfilling our higher purpose as well. And we help others to do the same.

That all sounds great, but I've tried it before and ended up going around in circles...

I have been there, and here's the thing:

It's not easy doing it alone. That's why Radiating Inner Wisdom exists.

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Radiating Inner Wisdom is a nine-month programme for growth-minded women who are ready to come home to themselves.

By joining our community, you access a wealth of support, resources, rituals and practices to help you connect back to what it means to be a woman, give gratitude to the women who came before us, tune into your intuition, learn about your body and innate divinity, and how you can make nurturing yourself a priority every day. Together, we heal the feminine wound, reconnect with the wisdom of our menstrual cycle and embrace our inner voice and power. We remind ourselves that we can do anything

Sounds like its for you?

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You are cyclical. You create, grow and evolve, shine and let go. Every month.

Like nature’s seasons, our menstrual cycle is made up of seasons too. Our summer, when we are ovulating, is when we feel most extroverted and potent. Our winter, when we’re bleeding, is a time for rest and release. Each season has its own purpose and can support us if we only listen. 

Sounds like its a bit out there?

I get that. We live in a society where the culture at large does not do this. Stress is normal, cramps and pains are best numbed out with drugs, and our bleeding is an inconvenience to be suffered through, out of sight and in silence. But here’s the thing: none of this is either true or okay. And you deserve so much better.

My intention is simple

To help you to connect back to yourself – to all the wisdom, peace, joy and energy that already lies inside of you – and to support you to create lasting change for yourself, your community and your work.


If you're curious, 

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Kind Words....

Nikki F 

I found a place I could truly be myself, I also found a community of women who are inspiring, compassionate and who help me grow and be the best version of me I could possibly be. This is done through love, care, compassion and feminine wisdom. .Since the very first moment of this journey when I opened the first video, my soul and my body sighed in relief. Best of all though, is the fact I can see the stress rating on my watch has dropped by 50% since I began connecting to myself and hearing my inner wisdom and using all the feminine power I have. 

Suzie E

Each week, Susan led us through either a meditation, a breathing technique, or some joyful dancing (my personal favourite), as well as sharing her ayurvedic knowledge with all of us. I now think about my own menstrual cycle in terms of the seasons and recognise my own energy levels in their context. I loved finding out about my own dosha and have since adjusted my diet slightly in line with it. I have more personal shifts to make but my awareness has grown and I know I will continue to make them, little by little.

Sophie Y

 I feel much more in tune with my body as a direct result of the programme and have had the most wonderful time connecting with like-minded women. I have embedded new daily practices into my life, and am hugely grateful to Susan for her support, kindness and wisdom.


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