Hello, it’s good to meet you!


I’m Susan. A coach, mentor, aunt, sister, wife, feminist and vegetarian with Irish heritage, I support women who are ready to make a change in their lives.


I believe that we are all here to explore, change and grow. That we all have our own internal rhythm that will guide us if we can only access that beat and hear it.


We all know how difficult it can be to hear yourself and find that rhythm. The initial feeling is a sense of being lost, unfulfilled or going through the motions. The itch begins, and if you’re able to listen closely, it might become a little more insistent.

Over the past eight years, I’ve sold my house, left my corporate role and set up a wonderful women’s community and business. What’s more, I overcame a 20-year dread of my menstrual cycle and learned to embrace it as the nourishing and wonderous gift it is.

All by starting to listen to my body.

Today, I believe in one key fundamental. When we choose to, we can make the most extraordinary changes in our lives. Even when fear wants to paralyse us.

I am here to share the life changes I have made, how I nurture my energy, rhythm and flow, whether through nutrition, meditation, breathing, yoga, my cycle, being in nature, or through the Radiating Inner Wisdom programme and the insight of those who are part of the community.


I would love your company along the way.


In Gratitude

Susan x

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Our Values

Your core values are your soul's whispers to you.


Our soul guides us and speaks through our individual core values. These are three of mine and so I have embedded them into everything we do here, every programme, workshop, conversations, circle. 

If you want to explore your core values click below and I will send you a FREE Soul Values practice click below

We are authentic, strong women supporting each other.  We know that life is messy, relationships can be tough and decisions can be confusing.

We value being honest and genuine with ourselves and the women that we surround ourselves with.  We want careers where we recognise our ambition, and balance it with personal happiness.  


When we vow to something, we devote ourselves to it. 

With ease and compassion we seek practices that are aligned to our desires and our dharma.

We show genuine interest and appreciation of each others unique world.

We share experiences and advice in a considered approach, putting aside our own emotions. 

We always ask what does that feel and look like to the other woman.


We listen deeply to ourselves so that we can choose a growth path that deepens our intuition. 

Ooh and also pushes us beyond our comfort zone!

We are passionate about having a purpose in our personal and social life.   We know we are intelligent enough to achieve it. We are brave when we agree to deliberate actions to achieve it. 


We know that being part of this community will offer us the opportunities to stay on track and back ourselves.


We live to fill our hearts up - physically with the food we collaborate with, the air we breath consciously around our heart and bodies and with words of compassion, inclusion and connection.