Connect Back To Yourself 

A Journey Of Tender Re-Connection To Your Body's Rhythm & Cycle To Hear Your Soul's Fierce Desires.

There is a beautiful, and direct, connection between living a more easeful life, hearing your intuition and fulfilling your desires; when you learn and embrace your body's rhythms.

Our eight week immersion invites  you to re-connect with your feminine energy and her inner wisdom. We will guide you to create more time and nourish your body so you can hear the whispers of your desires.


Susan will gently and fiercely support you on this journey of self-healing, through the wisdom of Ayurveda, with practical and loving practices.

Surrounded and supported by a collective of women who are also seeking a more gentle path of growth, and a lighter, more fulfilling life of ease, health and desires.

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Have you already started those inquisitive steps to knowing more about your body and her rhythms? Or is your yoga practice  inviting you to pause and you want more of that feeling of clarity and calm? You just can't find the time! 

You know you are disconnected from your body and your desires, but each time you vow to change it, the "it" becomes unclear again. You can hear whispers now and then but then the world takes over again and the moment passes.

Does your menstrual cycle feel like the biggest pain in the pelvis rather than a gift? (I also thought that for 20 years but it truly is a gift). Do you want to finally see if you can find more ease with it? To maybe even become tender to yourself and your menstrual flow. Especially as you know that it is most likely to continue into peri-(wo)menpause.

You already know what feeling great feels like! And yet consistency with a compassionate approach is elusive. 

Constant striving is not working, it's exhausting emotionally and physically! You are now ready and seeking a home to learn and embrace a softer way, a simpler way to look after yourself, now and for the rest of your life

This feeling of constant overwhelm, drained or even depletion has been going on for some time now. Your body feels stagnant, the energy feels stuck. Your digestive system and body just feels  "out of whack" and needs some genuine TLC.

The path of self-healing feels too far a stretch. You don't have the support or community around you. 

You don't have a  circle around you that is seeking a similar path of sustainable living, within your body and with the world around you, always expanding.

You have already made some changes happen, there are shifts and lovely moments happening for you. You don't want to lose this. You want this every day, for your whole life. 

Prioritise yourself to feel nourished and rejuvenated.


Calm the fluctuations of your mind and body so that you can ease into your desires.


Understand your body so you can live a life of more ease, nurturing your soul and her needs.


Explore and tune into your intuition and what she is saying to you, speak and follow your own rhythm and desires. 


Live a vibrant, fulfilled and more aligned life to your own values and integrity. 


Sync your life and day so you can tune into your desires and take the actions that are aligned to them.


Be supported and connected throughout with other soul seekers, women who are expanding and growing.

8 Weekly Live 


Interactive Circle 

Calls (Online)



121 Coaching & Mentoring With Susan

Per Month



Half Day


Circle with Yoga Nidra, Reflections (1 month post immersion)



Ignite Your Cells, learning Ayurveda,  Meditation & Menstrual Cycle & More!



Weekly Videos, Practices and recommendations to immerse yourself in your own time.



Soul Sister To Lean On & Propel You


Tender And Fierce 

What is so special about this programme?
Susan has created this in sync with nature and the feminine energy. There is no hustling, no striving, no rigid goal orientation or hard and fast rules. 
We flow with the intelligence that is around us, we tune into our own intuition, we elevate each other while learning, practicing and holding each other to live the wisdom of Ayurveda (which is c3,000 years old!). 
Susan leads with her heart, with heart based intentions, with devotion and supported practices. And you can also flow in this way, creating a life full of your highest desires, recognises that you listen to your soul through your body. (You can read more about Susan here.)
This is for curious women who are on a growth path, who love learning, propelled by a carefully chosen dynamic group of women. We are inviting 15 women on this journey. You join where you are today, with openness and a desire to live a more connected soul life. 
Are you ready?

Starting 9th September 


Live Calls Every Wednesday 7pm UK & IST, 8PM CET. 1 Hour.

From 9th September to 28th October. 

Half Day Retreat 21st November - Online. 

All calls are recorded and available on our dedicated platform with all the content for you to review whenever you desire, during and after the immersion. 

Ready To Back Yourself?

This journey is an invitation to go inwards, to listen and hear your desires and body's needs so that you can live a more connected, conscious and vibrant life.


Here is our journey together;

8 Week Immersion With Live Calls Guided By Susan​

Half Day Circle & Re-Immersion

Weekly Videos & Learnings In Your Inbox

Deep wisdom from Ayurveda to embrace your menstrual cycle and other universal rhythms

With women who are also curious, ambitious and seeking soul connection as well as growth, we will ignite our intuition together.


© 2020 Back Yourself Mentoring

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