Gender Diversity is one of the key issues facing business leaders today.  

We have a tangible and accessible solution to a genuine problem. 


We partner with organisations who want to see increased retention, representation and advancement of women in their leadership teams.


The overwhelming evidence and feedback is that more women in leadership roles leads to improved financial performance, innovation and inclusivity.

Mentoring programmes take time. Time you may not have. We do and we know how to use yours and ourself effectively.

1. Demonstrates That You Want Women As Leaders

The Gender Pay Gap has highlighted what you already know. Identifying and mentoring your future leaders is a tangible step towards enhancing your image.

2. Retain The Best Talent

Mentoring has mutual benefits for both the mentee and the mentor. Reducing your turnover has a positive impact on the operational and financial bottom line.  Plus mentoring offers long term investment at five times the cost of other leadership programmes.

3. Proven Increased Profitability

Organisations with the most gender diversity are 15 percent more likely to to outperform their industry average. And it is even more compelling for those with higher overall diversity. (Mc Kinsey) 

4. Leaders With Diverse Business Skills

Industry disruption and changing organisation structures demands diverse approaches, perspectives and ideas. Mentoring offers eight months of consistent growth and development.

5. It Comes Full Circle 

A circle is created as the mentors and mentees are trained and coached through the programme. When the mentee completes her programme she can offer this experience to future women and new recruits. 

How Will  Mentoring Benefit Our Organisation?

How Does it Work?

Clarity of Objectives 

Set Measurable Objectives  

Together we identify and understanding your objectives for the mentoring programme. This may require analysis of key metrics to agree the measurable KPIs.

Objectives often include;

- Increase retention rates of a specific set of women over next 12 months

- Identify specific mentoring needs for each woman as per strategic projects and skills required

- Specify the skills and number of women in specific functions from junior and middle management 

Each woman will have objectives that she will want to accomplish over the eight months.

Mentee Workshops & Mentor Training

8 Month Mentoring Programme

Mentoring with long positive lasting impact needs to be embedded. We begin each programme with specific workshops and training for the mentoring pairs.

Awareness and tangible actions run parallel with the programme, for both the women and the organisation.


Our founder Susan hosts workshops for the mentees to create awareness of their potential and empower them to gain the most from the programme. Mentoring training is completed separately for mentors and mentees with a focus on listening, empathy and personal action plan. All training is held in person, with a minimum of five mentoring pairs on the mentoring programme.  

Measure results with regular reporting

Ongoing Coaching, Mentoring & Support 

We offer accountability and a structured approach which successful mentoring programmes require. With regular reporting, monthly connecting with each woman and post programme review we commit with you to advance your organisations leadership diversity. 

Mentoring evolves from one woman to the next, creating a continuous circle of mentoring and sponsoring. With quarterly board reporting and targets you own the change and the positive lasting legacy for your organisation.  

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