Radiating Inner Wisdom

Empowerment radiates from your inner intuition and cycles, nourished by rituals and routines.

While being in a community with other women with big desires.

Why Do You Want Rhythm And Clarity?

Trusting that you always have a choice is easy when in flow and rhythm. It is not when you are constantly feeling pulled in different directions, have no energy and feel disconnected from your body. 


We can choose consciously when we feel empowered within our own bodies, slow down when we need to, cycle with our internal energies and create nourishing habits and routines. 


Then comes the juice of trust and desires, and giving voice to those desires turning them into action.


Always with a great big dollop of kindness towards yourself.


All within a circle of other women. 

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Are you a woman who deeply desires;

To have more energy, feel radiate and inspired by your life 

Tune into your intuition more and hear what she desires

To create a daily routine with kindness and consistency

Embrace the wisdom of your cycle so you can find your inner voice and power


Your current habits are a reflection of who you are now.

With tenderness and ancient wisdom you can create 

new rituals and routines for your sacred body. 

We Journey For A Year Together

Three cycles through the rituals and habits with the seasons 

Weekly video and audio content with recipes and worksheets 

Meeting weekly as a group 

Community support plus choose your accountability sister

121 Coaching & Mentoring With Susan 

Women's health, hormones and cycles workshops immersed in ancient wisdom of Ayurveda mixed with modern research

£2,400 Annual Price

Tropical Leaves

Listen To Your Soul Through Your Body

A Tender And Fierce Journey Together 

What is so special about this programme?


Susan has created this in sync with nature and the feminine energy. There is no hustling, no striving, no rigid goal orientation or hard and fast rules. 


We flow with the intelligence that is around us, we tune into our own intuition, we elevate each other while learning, practicing and holding each other to live the wisdom of Ayurveda (which is c3,000 years old!) in sync with the Celtic Wheel.


Susan leads with her heart, with heart based intentions, with devotion and supported practices. And you can also flow in this way, creating a life full of your highest desires, recognising that you listen to your soul through your body.


This is for curious women who are on a growth path, who love learning, want to return to their sacred body and be propelled by a dynamic group of women. You join where you are today, with openness and a desire to live a more connected life. 

Are you ready?

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