Flexible and Diverse Thinking. Informed Decision Makers. Compassionate Leaders. 

These are just some of the benefits that mentoring offers to a woman, her team and business. We partner with organisations who are committed to increased retention, representation and advancement of women in their leadership teams. 


The overwhelming evidence and feedback is that more women in leadership roles leads to improved financial performance, innovation and inclusivity.

Mentoring requires time and trained mentors. We offer both to your future leaders. 

1. Demonstrates That You Want Women As Leaders

The Gender Pay Gap has highlighted what most business already know. Identifying and mentoring your future leaders is a tangible step towards improving the gap for your business.

2. Retain The Best Talent

Mentoring has mutual benefits for both the mentee and the mentor. Reducing your turnover has a positive impact on the operational and financial bottom line.  Plus mentoring offers long term investment at five times the cost of other leadership programmes.

3. Proven Increased Profitability

Organisations with the most gender diversity are 15 percent more likely to to outperform their industry average. And it is even more compelling for those with higher overall diversity. (Mc Kinsey) 

4. Leaders With Diverse Business Skills

Industry disruption and changing organisation structures demands diverse approaches, perspectives and ideas. Mentoring offers eight months of consistent growth and development.

5. It Comes Full Circle 

A circle is created as the mentors and mentees are trained and coached through the programme. When the mentee completes her programme she can offer this experience to future women and new recruits. 

How Will  Mentoring Benefit Your Organisation?

How Does it Work?

Personalised Approach 

Bespoke mentoring journey for each woman

Back Yourself Mentoring was founded on the premise that each woman and her aspirations are unique to her. We personalise the mentoring journey from the initial one to one conversation through to mentoring "dates" with potential mentors.


We spend time with her to listen and understand what her aspirations are, exploring any potential blockers and opportunities, with a clear view on her objectives.

This empowers us to introduce her to the right woman and mentor, with organic matching of experience and personality. We offer independence and impartiality throughout the process for you and your future leaders.  

Mentoring Training

12 Month Mentoring Relationship

Each mentor has already been personally appraised prior to being proposed as a suitable mentoring partner. We pride ourselves on knowing all the women in our circle and alumni and have an 95 percent success rate of  matching long term relationships.


We begin each mentoring relationship by increasing self awareness through exploring core values with the mentee. On a monthly basis she will receive exercises and topics to guide her through the mentoring journey. which will compliment each stage. 


Mentoring training is completed via an online platform with a focus on listening, empathy and personal action plans, with clarity of roles and expectations for each woman. 

Mentor Training and Ongoing Support

Ongoing Coaching, Mentoring & Support 

We offer ongoing support to each woman throughout the 12 months. She has the opportunity to be part of the Back Yourself Mentoring Alumni which includes events and webinars on topics including managing teams, leadership qualities, productivity, inclusion and balance.

Susan as a Mentor and former C-Suite executive, coupled with her experience as an Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner coach's and mentors each woman as desired. 

What is The Price?

£595 Per Future Leader

   Personalised Mentoring Matching


   12 Month Mentoring Relationship.


   Appraised & Experienced Mentors 


   Access to Back Yourself Circle

   and Events.

   Mentor Training & Ongoing              Support


   Monthly Emails With Key Topics